One of the Hyundai Equus' prime marketing points (though the car would sell itself without it, in our estimation) is going away: the free iPad owner's manual will no longer be included with the car, according to a report.

Ads for the Equus have touted the free iPad with installed interactive Equus owner's manual app pretty heavily, but starting with the 2012 model year, the Equus will no longer come with a free Apple slate, says USA Today's Drive On. Instead, Hyundai will revert to the standard paper-based solution.

The Equus owner's app will still be available for download should an owner already have an iPad, however.

We're not all that sad to see the iPad go. It was a neat feature, and definitely a good marketing tactic, but it's the incredible value and excellent execution of the Equus that makes the car so impressive. To see how impressive, you can catch our 2011 Equus drive review here.

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