Texas' MyPlates license plates auction

Texas' MyPlates license plates auction

Las Vegas is known as "sin city" for a reason. If you’ve never been there, the entire city exists to separate you from your morals and your hard-earned cash as quickly and efficiently as possible. Strip clubs are as prevalent as Starbucks in most other cities, and it used to be impossible to walk The Strip without, um, “professional, personal service workers” engaging you to ensure that you weren’t lonely.

It’s hard for us to imagine, then, that the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles would repeal the personalized license plate of a Las Vegas couple for being “vulgar” and “probably derogatory.” The plate in question? LMAOATU.

Just in case you’ve ignored pop culture over the past decade, the plate translates to “Laughing My A** Off At You,” which the plate holders insist was all in good fun. The plate had been on their car for four years, and had been the subject of countless pictures and thumbs up from passing motorists.

Not everyone felt that way, apparently, and a complaint over the license plate triggered a DMV review board, which found LMAOATU to be offensive. After all, the plate holder was laughing at others, which surely was derogatory. To someone.

The plate holders may yet be ROFL at the DMV, since they’ve appealed the decision and have won the right to drive their car, offensive plate intact, until a judge rules on the matter.

There are plenty of things to be offended by in society today, but we have a hard time accepting this license plate as one of them. What's your take on the matter?