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  • California digital license plate

    California will become the first state to test digital license plates after state officials agreed to introduce the technology. To start, the city will take delivery of 24 plates for its in-house fleet of vehicles. The digital plates use the same technology found in Kindle eBook readers coupled with a wireless communication system. For a sizable sum and a monthly fee, the plates promise to save motorists the hassle of registering their vehicles in-person and purchasing physical sticker tags. The Sacramento Bee reported Monday the plates could even display personalized messages if the...

  • Dubai to test digital license plates
    Digital license plates could flash "stolen," warn about accidents

    License plates will receive a 21st-century makeover in Dubai as the emirate prepares to launch a trial for digital license plates. Among the many features, the plates could even notify onlookers a particular car has been stolen after a theft. The plate could quickly update to flash "stolen" instead...

  • Texas' MyPlates license plates auction
    Nevada DMV LOL Over LMAOATU License Plate Recall

    A Las Vegas couple has been asked by Nevada's DMV to return their "offensive and derogatory" license plate, which simply reads "LMAOATU."

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