Yep, the self-appointed Honcho of Hoonage is at it again: the fourth installment of Ken Block's Gymkhana series is underway. Due for release late this summer, Gymkhana FOUR promises to pack all of the "precision, speed, and tire smoke" you'd expect.

Central in the video Block's H.F.H.V--the Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle, which we detailed for you just yesterday. In the video teasing the H.F.H.V. Fiesta, you can find some snippets of what are likely Gymkhana FOUR hoonage.

Block, for his part, is building the hype like only an energy drink-sponsored viral video shoe magnate can: "Fans are going to be floored when they see the finished clip. I can say with full confidence that Gymkhana FOUR is going to be better than Gymkhana THREE.  And that is saying a lot, because I thought I would never be able to outdo GYM3." Though Block didn't give us an official release date, @Auto123 tells us it'll be out August 16.

We'll be the judge of how good FOUR is, Ken, but if we can make one request: skip the music video this time around. Just show us the hoonage.

[DC Shoes]