2011 Jaguar XJ

2011 Jaguar XJ

Jaguar and Land Rover currently rely on engines supplied by former parent Ford for their respective lineups, but in the future the luxury vehicles could feature engines developed jointly with new parent Tata.

The information was revealed by Tata’s chairman, Ratan Tata, in his company’s most recent annual report. He said that the goal would be to “optimize the synergetic strengths between JLR and Tata Motors in India”.

Jaguar and Land Rover are expected to be more closely integrated with their Indian parent company going into the future, with one of the key benefits expected to be further cost cutting. Tata is an expert at low-cost vehicle development, having famously launched the world’s cheapest car, and with this expertise Jaguar and Land Rover will be in a better position to penetrate price sensitive markets such as India.

If the plan is given the go-ahead, Tata may establish a new manufacturing facility in the UK to supply engines to its two premium automotive brands, something Ratan Tata has hinted at in the past. One of the locations believed to be in Tata’s sights for a future engine plant is Wolverhampton, UK.

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