Lime Rock Park is known for its deceptive simplicity. At just about 1.5 miles long, with only 7 turns, and only one of those a left-hander, it sounds like it should be the easiest thing going in motorsports. It's not.

Despite its short run, it's a very high-speed circuit, and a small error can rapidly compound into a major one. This video illustrates just how that happens, as an overtaking LMPC car nudges Ed Brown's GT class Ferrari 458, which is immediately struck broadside by Dirk Werner's BMW M3 GT. The Corvette C6.R following closely behind has nowhere to go, and rear-ends the M3, while the second Corvette rear-ends the first, prompting a frenzied round of repairs in the pits. The two cars did manage to get back on track and finish the race in 9th and 10th place, managing to nab a few precious championship points.

For Corvette in particular, this is a hard way to return to the track after its GT class win at Le Mans last month.

[via Corvette Blogger]

ALMS Lime Rock 2011 Pile up by crash71100