Not so long ago, we were singing Mark Wahlberg's praises. We admired his willingness to live a quiet, boring life with his wife and kids and wished that other celebs would take notes. (Looking at you, Piven.) We thought Wahlberg's black Cadillac Escalade Hybrid summed up the guy perfectly: mostly sedate and predictable, but with a quiet little edge.

We could say the same of Mark's Bentley Azure T. On the one hand, finding a black Bentley (yes, it's black) in Los Angeles is about as easy as finding botox at a Junior League luncheon -- trickier than long division, but easier than Pamela Anderson. In other words, it's a little obvious. On the other hand, the Azure T is much rarer and more exclusive than the more popular Bentley GTC driven by Kim Kardashian and her famewhoring ilk, so dude earns points for going the extra mile. (Although at less than 15 mpgs, finishing that mile in the Azure may be a problem.)

In sum: Marky Mark is the chewy onion ring in our crunchy batch of fries: unexpected, but not particularly surprising. Now would someone pass the Diet Mountain Dew? We're getting thirsty over here.