Last year Travis Pastrana was still with Subaru, and he managed to take 20 seconds off the Mt. Washington hillclimb record at the wheel of a Subaru WRX rally car. This year, Pastrana's replacement, David Higgins, officially lowered the bar by 30 seconds.

The photos above show a slice of one corner on the sideways, gravel-spitting run up the mountainous course. Higgins' total time to climb the mountain: 6:11.54. That's only a tick under 9 seconds faster than Pastrana's 6:20.47--so how is it 30 seconds faster than the record?

Pastrana's run last year wasn't official--or at least Subaru isn't treating it as such, instead comparing Higgins' time to the previous record of Frank Sprongl, set in 1998.

Higgins' name might seem familiar--and it should. His brother, Mark, just set the fastest four-wheeled lap time around the Isle of Man TT. The Higgins family is on a roll.