It's no secret that the ultimate goal of nearly every racer that ascends Pikes Peak is to set the overall record, a time that has stood since 2007 at 10:01.408. Even that attempt, however, fell short of the near-mythical sub-10-minute run.

The man that set the current record, Monster Tajima, will once again attempt to break that barrier, taking the wheel of a 910-horsepower Suzuki SX4. The Unlimited Class race car features all-wheel drive, and is ostensibly based on the SX4 crossover, but you'd be hard-pressed to find the resemblance.

You can see Tajima take a run up the hill in last year's race in the first video below. The second one features Tajima and Rhys Millen, also going after the record this year, discussing this year's event.