The C-X75: It was one of the most amazing concepts of 2010, easily argued as the greatest of all. Jaguar managed to effectively sneak-attack an industrious automotive media force and come out with the best in show of the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

With the show's sparkly paint, bright lights and numerous other news stories, most journalists and show-goers probably weren't asking for a full run-down of the conceptualization and step-by-step development process behind the fabulous beast that stood before them. Buzz terms like "plug-in supercar", "780 horsepower", "205 mph" and "dual turbines" were enough to make headlines and fill in columns.

But now that the intensity of the show circuit has waned, and Jaguar has taken to the process of developing the C-X75 for production, it is ready to share the whole story. At the Clerkenwell Design Week in London, Jaguar has what it calls a "bespoke art installation," which shows how the concept went from initial sketch to full show car.

The exhibit features eight 'windows' that measure more than 6 feet across and each contain part of the seminal supercar's story. One interesting factoid that Jaguar revealed in its press release is that it takes somewhere in the league of 500 individual sketches in the initial phase alone to come up with the final design.

Senior Jag designer Hugo Nightingale explained the exhibit in a release: "We want to explain to people the art of creating a car. In some companies car design is a technical, cold process. At Jaguar it is about emotion, artistry and craftsmanship."

Ian Cullum, Jaguar Design Director added: "You could argue this is as close to a pure art form as a concept car can get."

Jaguar also has its current line--the XFR, XKR-S and XJ Supersport--on display. Clerkenwell is under way now and runs through Thursday.


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