If you live in the U.K. and you've got some time to kill this summer, Peugeot has launched a new contest that might be of interest. And if you win, they'll shoot you into outer space. (Well, almost.)

The contest is called "Spot3008", and it's designed to hype the automaker's 3008 crossover. The way it works is pretty simple: Peugeot has taken a high-def panorama shot of London and Photoshopped 20 of its 3008 models onto the tops of famous buildings. Find one (the first is a gimme: just zoom in), click it, then fill out your relevant contact info to be entered in a sweepstakes drawing. Find five cars, and Peugeot will give you 20 entries. Twenty cars will give you 100 entries (and probably a lot of eye strain).

If you're not computer-friendly -- though since you're reading this website, we'd bet you are -- you can also enter the sweepstakes at a Peugeot dealership. Just take a test drive in the 3008, and you'll receive 100 sweepstakes entries. Participants can receive no more than 200 entries in total.

The sweepstakes entry period ends on September 30. After that, Peugeot will draw one grand prize winner from the hat, and that person will receive a trip to the very edge of space, courtesy of Space Adventures Spaceflight. Only catch? The flight won't take place until sometime in 2016.

Alternately, if you're the lucky winner and want your prize now (or if you've developed a sudden case of acrophobia), you can opt for a cash prize of £30,000.

Feeling antsy? Start scanning the London cityscape at the Spot3008 website. If you're the sort to look before you leap, you can read the contest rules and regs by clicking here.

[via WhatCar]