Twin-turbocharged Ford GT burns to the ground

Twin-turbocharged Ford GT burns to the ground

We’re proud to admit the Ford GT is one of our favorite supercars here at MotorAuthority. An iconic design with just enough modern touches to make it look new, the Ford GT is hard not to love and its V-8 engine just begs to be pushed hard.

So hard in fact that several aftermarket tuners have pushed the engine to well beyond the 1,000 horsepower range. One such tuner is Dallas Performance, which offers a twin-turbocharged package for the car that lifts power levels to around 1,300 horsepower--at the wheels!

The sorry looking car seen here is in fact one tuned by Dallas Performance, but only with around 1,000 horsepower on tap.

The fire started while the car was on Beltline Road in Addison, Texas, not too far from Dallas. It’s not certain why the car caught on fire but there’s a strong chance that it may have to do with the serious level of performance modifications applied to it--all that turbo gear can get mighty hot. 


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