In just a few short years Maserati’s lineup will spawn two brand new models, a sporty sedan similar in size to the BMW 5-Series and a luxurious SUV powered by a Ferrari engine. Such a move is necessary given the strong demand for upmarket cars in emerging markets like China but also, it is only now possible due to Maserati’s parent company Fiat and its alliance deal with Chrysler.

You see, the new Maserati sedan, which will be positioned below the Quattroporte, will reportedly pick up a Chrysler Pentastar V-6 engine but with a new MultiAir variable valve set and turbochargers to liberate some 400 horsepower.

Another engine option, unlikely to be offered in the U.S., will be a 300 horsepower V-6 turbodiesel that benefits from Fiat Powertrain Technology’s latest generation of JTD II high-pressure diesel injection and management.

Furthermore, in line with previous reports, Maserati is thought to be developing a new rear-wheel drive platform that will spawn the new sedan, as well as the replacements for the Quattroporte and even the GranTurismo. According to insider information, the new platform will make extensive use of lightweight aluminum and be capable of implementing a hybrid system Maserati is likely to borrow from Ferrari.

Also borrowed from Ferrari will be the FF supercar’s complex all-wheel drive system, which will feature as an option on both the new Maserati sedan as well as the Quattroporte replacement. Another feature will be ZF’s latest eight-speed automatic transmission.

The next-generation Quattroporte is expected to be first off the bat, with a launch pegged for late 2012. It will be followed by the new Maserati sedan in 2013 and the marque’s first SUV in 2014, at which point Maserati’s lineup will consist of new less than five models when you include the GranTurismo and GranTurismo Convertible.

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