When it comes to modified exotics, Germany’s Anderson is one tuning firm that we wouldn’t mind unleashing on our own supercars--if we happened to actually own any, that is. That’s because Anderson’s stylists manage to add just the right number of modifications to keep its vehicles looking good without being overtly flashy.

Anderson’s cars convey a sense of power, aggressiveness and style, yet there remains a certain subtlety and almost factory look to them. Prime examples are this latest modified Ferrari 458 Italia or this previous Audi R8.

The list of visual modifications include a carbon fiber package, which consists of new air vents on the hood, a front lip spoiler, a rear diffuser and new side mirrors. The windows and lights, too, have been tinted to continue the all-black theme.

One of the most attractive features, however, has got to be the 21-inch wheels carbon fiber wheels. They measure up to 345 mm in the rear and 245 mm up front. Inside these tubs sit a set of yellow calipers bearing the Ferrari logo.

The carbon fiber theme is carried over to the interior, with more of the lightweight stuff being used for the air conditioning vents, most of the center console and in door trims and handles. Even the standard steering wheel has been replaced with a full carbon fiber one, as well as the shifter paddles and seat adjuster handles.

To go with the carbon fiber is black Alcantara trim for the seats and door innards. The floor mats, too, get a black look to them but feature contrasting yellow piping.

Of course, any respectable tuner will have some serious performance modifications as well, and in this area Anderson certainly doesn’t disappoint. A new exhaust system with custom manifolds and ECU upgrade helps liberate 623 horsepower and 469 pound-feet of torque from the 458 Italia's V-8.

The only question remains: where do we sign up?