Post-It Note Car Prank

Post-It Note Car Prank

photo by Flickr user SashaFatCat

April Fool's Day is here--and exactly what have you done to screw with your friends' heads? Nothing? Lame.

It's pretty easy to use your car as a tool of mental mayhem--but you've got to be good about it. Moving their car to a different space? Amateur hour. Moving their car to MySpace? April Fool's gold, since no one over 15 years old will ever find it there.

How about wrapping their car in Saran Wrap? Nice try. Wrap your bro's ride in Hello Kitty paper with a big card that says "Congratulations on Your Domestic Partnership!" and just like that, you're #winning.

So, lazy prankster, here's what you can still do today to flip your friends out via their wheels. You can make fake explosions safely. You can make up fake magnetic bumper stickers and stick them to their car. You can even turn their machine into a giant ball-washing machine, minus the washing part.

These videos will help you decide which is the best April Fools pranks to play on your frenemies. Need inspiration? Watch and learn:

Put It Up On Blocks

Southerners know how to do this by nature, but for the rest of you, there's no better way to conjure that "oh crap, major repair" instinct than by freeing some drive wheels from the pavement.


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Cover It In Post-Its

A modern classic, the old Post-It maneuver is actually a blessing in disguise, since your friends steal office supplies from work and this could keep their paychecks intact for a few weeks more.



Hollow It Out, Park Them In

Not everyone has a decrepit Chrysler minivan lying around, but it's not like they're titanium. Find one, gut it, and get twelve buddies to help you make like an electric car--and move in silently for the block.



Make Like An Invisible Rope

This one will please the vaudevillians and the mime enthusiasts. Would you be fooled? It helps if you wear pinstripes and a twirly mustache and if you watch this mentally in sepia tone.



Stuff It With Golf Balls

The only way you could possibly make this trick better is to park the car under a waterfall. That way, the golf balls would come out clean, along with the car!


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Fake An Accident (In Dutch, No Less!)

What shopping moment makes you cringe more than release day for the new Veggie Tales DVD? It's the note on the windshield--only in this case, there's no deductible involved, just minutes of mad sleuthing, followed by threats against your physical well-being.



Hide a Parked Car

So old and easy, Erroll Flynn probably did it, too.


April Fools on Patty 2010 (Extended Edition) from psDarkSide on Vimeo.


The Old Zip Tie To The Wheels Trick

It's like the up-on-blocks maneuver, but more maddening. What the hell is that ticking noise coming from my car? Not recommended for bank parking lots or most of Manhattan.



Fake a Blown Tire

Who knew a water bottle had a better use than dulling the pain of your latest tummy tuck? Your buddy will go out with a bang here, and possibly a myocardial infarction.





Prepare For The Consequences

With any of these gags, you have to have friends who take the puckishness of April Fool's Day to heart. Or at least, a girlfriend without much on-the-ground knowledge of S&M.

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