Muscle car fans and revheads in general now have another reason to salivate over the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 as Ford has established a dedicated section on its main website for its latest muscle car, with a number of interesting features to keep potential customers and the curious interested in this already sweet ride.

First and foremost is a new configurator function that allows you to deck out the Mustang Boss 302 with every option possible so that you can arrive at your ideal arrangement. Potential customers can select from different categories, such as Exterior, Interior and Accessories, each of which are divided into more sub-categories. Suffice it to say, Ford fans could easily spend countless hours on this site.

The site also provides basic pricing information for all the upgrades, ranging from the completely bare model priced at just $40,995 and going all the way up to $47,990 for the Laguna Seca model. Then of course there are the numerous options boxes to tick.

Once you’re set with your ideal Mustang, you're then just a few clicks away from sending all the info directly to your nearest Ford dealer.

Click here and start building your dream 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 now. For our driving impressions of the car, click here for a First Drive report and then check out our mega-gallery by clicking here.