You thought the Fiat 500 was small enough? Zagato disagrees, and has the hardware to prove it. The 500 Coupe Zagato does away with a healthy chunk of the standard 500's rear quarters, going instead with a sloping roof and spoiler to give it a more coupe-like profile.

We say coupe-like because it's also still a bit of a hatchback. We're also not sure we're sold on the resulting changes to the 500's proportions--the nose somehow seems longer and more bulbous without the higher roof to balance it. On the other hand, it looks pretty good from the rear three-quarters view. It's a toss-up.

Unique exterior elements include the bright yellow paint job, burnished chrome accents, 17-inch dark chrome alloy wheels, and drilled brake discs.

Inside, the 500 Coupe Zagato is pretty much standard 500, with 2+2 seating, a bit less rear passenger headroom, and an otherwise familiar layout. The look of the interior does get some Zagato spice, however, with black-and-yellow two-tone leather, sport seats, and a range of other minor tweaks.