A history that includes Parnelli Jones, Trans-Am racing, and one of the largest escalations in the muscle car arms race is just the tip of the iceberg with the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302. This gallery will give you a sample of what it's like in person.


A top speed of 155 mph, over 1.0g of lateral acceleration, 440 naturally-aspirated horsepower, 302 cubes of displacement, 3.73 rear gears, and effective aerodynamic improvements combine to give the Boss 302 enough bite to match its bark.

It's not all about raw power and speed with the Boss. Retuned steering and suspension bring better feel and crisper handling. Higher spring rates, electronically adjustable dampers, a larger rear anti-roll bar, and 11 mm lower ride height combine to deliver less body roll, more sure-footed road (and track) holding. Softer bushings sacrifice a little of the newfound stiffness in the name of ride comfort.

Electronics, as with any modern performance car, also play a role in the Boss. Standard traction and stability controls are included, plus a sport mode that lets you play a bit more before shutting down the power. Then there's the TracKey, a system that turns the Boss 302 loose for the track, boosting low-end torque and adding a two-stage launch control function.

Stick around for our full take on all these features plus driving impressions fresh from laps at Laguna Seca tomorrow morning.