Don't get us wrong, we're huge fans of pretty women, minimally clothed, in close proximity to automotive hardware. We're not alone in that, either. But it's a bit cliched, and often more than a bit lame. Subaru Canada has taken the eye-candy in an entirely different direction.

And we like it. A lot. Instead of appealing to your prurient proclivities, the Canucks at Subaru go for your funny bone. Big, thong-clad men, lounging on the (surprisingly strong) hood of the 2011 Forester, striking poses, eating ice cream, and, of course, the obligatory car wash scene.

Lampooning the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition tie-ins at other carmakers, as well as the decades-old tradition of skin + metal, the ad comes off brilliantly. And unlike the bikini-wearing models in other ads, you're not left wondering where the car is. If anything, your eyes seek out the Forester, if only for aesthetic relief.