Mopar Ram Runner

Mopar Ram Runner

At last month’s 2011 Detroit Auto Show Chrysler’s Mopar aftermarket accessories division rolled out a collection of toughened up vehicles built for the street as well as one very special off-roader.

That off-roader was the Ram Runner pickup, essentially a Ram 1500 pickup with reinforced suspension, new bumpers and hood, a cold air intake and a high flow sports exhaust.

We can now reveal that the Ram Runner performance package will be fully street-legal when it goes into production next month, essentially offering Ram fans their own version of the awesome Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.

The information was revealed by Mopar boss Pietro Gorlier, who said that the package has received so much positive attention that it was redesigned to make it street legal.  

The Ram Runner package was originally designed for desert racing and in fact was first shown off at the 2010 Jeep Safari off-roader event in Moab, Utah. Its inspiration came from Baja trophy trucks and to develop it Mopar teamed up with veteran Baja racer Kent Kroeker.

Some special features include 3-inch diameter Fox Racing internal bypass dampers at all four corners, custom upper and lower control arms for the front suspension and flared widetrack fenders. Ram Runners are much wider than stock, with a vehicle track width that is 77.5 inches at the front and 74.5 at the rear, compared with 68.2 inches at the front and 67.5 inches in the rear for a standard Ram 1500 four-wheel drive model.

For now the Ram Runner package will be sold as a standalone kit, however, if it proves popular enough Chrysler is considering launching it as a factory model just like the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.