While it’s been rumored that Jaguar is planning a new entry-level sedan model to take on the likes of the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class for some time now, to this day Jaguar is yet to confirm the existence of such a model nor confirm that it’s even being looked at.

Perhaps it was because of the poor success experienced by the discontinued X-Type, or perhaps it’s because that only a few years ago Jaguar was running multimillion dollar losses. Whatever the reason, Jaguar is likely to be years away from launching such a model.

However, there is hope on the horizon. It’s well documented that Jaguar is planning a new roadster model possibly called the XE, and according to the automaker's new global brand director, Adrian Hallmark, the car could spawn a smallish sports sedan.

Jaguar XE Roadster rendering

Jaguar XE Roadster rendering

Speaking with Automotive News, Hallmark explained that Jaguar needs to offer models priced lower than the XF sedan but must be wary not to make the same mistakes as it did with the X-Type.

"If we go into the smaller car market," Hallmark said, "we want to build elegant cars with great technology that give a sense of occasion and position us above that competition--where Jaguar should be."

He went on to explain that the small roadster would be an ideal for a brand image boost while a sedan model could boost volume. Both models would be crucial.

"We have to do both. Whether we do one, two or three body styles, we can still decide. But we have to be in the lower price," he said.

Unfortunately, Hallmark also said that if approved any new models would still take around four years to develop, which means we’re unlikely to see anything other than the rumored XE roadster before 2015.


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