Verne Troyer's cash-filled Lamborghini Countach

Verne Troyer's cash-filled Lamborghini Countach

The world is clearly spiralling into the depths of some narcissistic hell, but we might as well enjoy the trip. Latest data point: Verne Troyer's response to 50 Cent's recent overt display of wealth, stacking cash into what appears to be a Lamborghini Countach.

The differences in the scenes are where the gold is found, however: while 50 Cent had to stack his cash in the front luggage space of a Murcielago, Troyer's paper stack sits alongside him in the driver's seat--and nearly tops his own tiny height.

Troyer posted yesterday on his Twitter feed, "@50cent got nutt'in on me! LOL!" followed by a link to the photo above.

Dante, which circle is this?

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