Henry Blodget's tweet on Ray Rice's ticket-dodging autograph

Henry Blodget's tweet on Ray Rice's ticket-dodging autograph

Being courteous and coming clean with officers of the law--especially when you know you've done wrong--is often a route to warning instead of a ticket, even for the most average of citizens, but more often than not, our autograph simply assures us a court date and a fine. But if you've got star power, why not flex it? That's the thinking behind Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice's latest law-bending maneuver, and he was so proud of the moment, he put it on Twitter.

Rice got pulled over for having windows tinted beyond the limits of the law, but got out of the ticket by signing an autograph for the officer's son. Unfair use of celebrity status? Maybe. Incredibly dumb move to put it on Twitter? Definitely.

Apparently the ill-planned tweet was recognized as such by one of his friends or managers, as he has since deleted the message. Business Insider captured a screenshot of it, however, displaying the text from @RayRice27, "Just got pulled over for my tints Smh but gave the officer a autograph for his son and he let me go."

Check out the original tweet at the link below.

[Business Insider via @hblodget]