We got our first hints that Tesla was already planning several new models after its Model S electric sedan following the release of some official slides in the company’s IPO presentation back in June and now Tesla CEO Elon Musk has spilled a few more beans. Speaking at the formal opening ceremony for its plant in Fremont, California, Musk revealed that Tesla’s next model after the Model S will be a new electric SUV.

The electric SUV will be called the Model X and Musk is confident that a working prototype will be revealed by the end of next year.   

“I’m hopeful we will unveil a prototype toward the end of next year. When it will go into production is harder to predict because we want to make sure the Model S production line is operating smoothly before we introduce another variant,” Musk is quoted as saying on the day. “But certainly within two… in less than two years when we start Model S production, we will have the Model X.”

Considering that Model S production is expected to be in full swing by 2012, a further two years down the track gives the Model X a 2014 production date. The Model X is expected to share its platform with the Model S but will almost certainly come with all-wheel drive, either standard or as an option.

Getting back to the original IPO presentation slides, we can see that Tesla is also considering a successor for its Roadster and a new commercial van. As for the Model S, the electric sedan is expected to hit the streets in the first half of 2012 with a price tag around the $57,500 mark before any tax credits are included.


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