Some actors have always seemed older than they really are. Bea Arthur, for example: she was born 40. Bob Hoskins, too. And then there's 48-year-old John Slattery, whose characters always seems at least a decade older than he is.

Say what you will about Mad Men, but you can't deny Slattery's commanding presence. Sure he blends in: like everyone else on set, he's photogenic and well-dressed, but something sets him apart from the rest of the cast.

It's not just that shock of white hair -- though that certainly helps. It's also his bearing and his voice that give him gravitas. And that's probably why Lincoln tapped Slattery to be the new spokesmodel for the MKX and the MKZ hybrid.

The campaign featuring Slattery rolled out over the weekend, and judging from the clip below, it seems like an insanely good match-up for Lincoln. 

Of course, celebrity pair-ups like this come with their share of risks for both parties. (Remember Tiger, y'all.) But for now, Slattery -- and by inference, his well-known character from Mad Men -- looks to be a great casting choice for the upscale, older-leaning Lincoln demographic. Whether the partnership lasts longer than the series...well, we'll see.