Rumors on the Internet abound, and many of them relate to as-yet-unreleased cars. File this one in the "we'll believe it when we see it" category, but it's interesting enough to repeat: the 2012 Nissan GT-R could get some significant new features, including rear-wheel-drive only mode.

Hidden under a "fuel save" setting, holding the button down for four seconds will put the 2012 GT-R into rear-drive-only mode. The setting is only temporary, likely meaning until the next shutoff, and Nissan is reportedly encouraging drivers to use the standard all-wheel-drive mode for normal driving.

Also on the unconfirmed docket is a heavily revamped launch control system that's designed to get more out of the VR38's healthy torque curve from a stop. Whether activating it will void warranties, break delicate transmissions, or cause birth defects is still unknown.

Changes to the chassis and suspension for improved handling, slightly upgraded brakes, interior details on the luxurious SpecM model, and more speculative bits can be found at the link below.