It's sometimes hard to get a good feel for just what a car really looks like from still images, particularly in the LCD glow of the Internet. Video helps to bridge the gap from pure pixels to an appreciation of a car's in-person feel, and this official video of the 2011 A7 from Audi helps us get a handle on its true proportions.

Unlike some of you out there, we're already pretty smitten with the A7's proportions. It's understated, as are all current Audis aside from the R8 and RS-line models, but the crisp styling, clean lines, lack of unnecessary adornment and flowing curve of the coupe-sedan profile are all solid wins in our book.

It doesn't have the pure, sleek look of a true coupe, but it's leagues better than the hump-backed Porsche Panamera (although even that car looks considerably better in person). But wherever you fall on the spectrum of Audi A7 love-or-hate, you're sure to find ammunition to support your cause in this quick 1:28 clip.

For the full details on the A7, check out our debut coverage here, and if you'd like to see more video of the unveiling process, you can catch the recorded feed here.