You kids may have to whip out the Wikipedia for this one. (Actually, make that "'pull up the Wikipedia', because 'whip out' would imply some kind of book or something, and what the hell is that again?). Older readers, however, will recognize the woman emerging from this BMW X5 as the formerly Canadian, now Canadian-American, formerly ragamuffin, now upwardly mobile ragamuffin, Alanis Morissette. She was a singer of some sort. Or maybe a clothing designer. Is there a difference anymore?

Anyway, she's here to remind us that she's a bitch (her words), she's a lover, she's a child, but as far as we know, she is not yet a really excellent mother, but given her recent nuptials to MC Souleye (family name, probably), that may soon change. Just to be safe, we're going to pre-order a copy of Baby's First Thorndike-Barnhart Dictionary, so at least someone in that family will know the definition of "irony".