Algarve Stadium, Portugal. A packed house is in place to see the kickoff of the 2010 WRC Rally Portugal, which instead of the usual opening ceremonies hosted a Super Special Stage (rally lingo for a heads-up battle royale on a looped course). Many cars have taken the course, but for Americans--or anyone familiar with the Internet, really--the show of the night came down to Ken Block and Kimi Raikkonen.

The two rally rookies line up to do battle in their respective chariots: Block in a Ford Focus, Raikkonen in a Citroen C4. There is even a secondary battle at hand: Monster energy drinks (Block's title sponsor) versus Raikkonen's Red Bull car. When the start signal goes off, all bets are off--except the 100-euro bet Block made with Raikkonen.

As they blast around the two laps of the 1km course, the two trade small leads en route to a photo finish--tied at exactly 2:11.0. Check out the video below for the action.

[Monster World Rally Team]