Q-VR stretched Range Rover

Q-VR stretched Range Rover

The Range Rover SUV isn’t small by anyone’s standards, well almost anyone, as there are a few individuals out there who are not satisfied with the amount of space provided in the luxurious off-roader. That’s where companies like the UK’s Design Q come in.

The design house and vehicle customizer has unveiled a new package for the Range Rover SUV, which adds some extra inches to the wheelbase and in the process increases legroom for rear-seat passengers--so much so that they can install a reclining seat.

The aim was to create a stretched Range Rover boasting all the luxury embellishments associated with private jets! The concept allows customers--you can bet most will be from the Middle-East--to travel in exactly the same comfort on the ground as in the air, with a drinks chiller, mini-spa centre, cigar humidor and many other highly desirable features.

If the Design Q name rings a bell that’s because one of the men involved with the firm is Frank Stephenson, a former Ferrari designer and now a McLaren Automotive employee. Design Q has worked closely with Stephenson in the past, working on projects such as the Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12 supercars.

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