We brought you the official info on the LFA Nurburgring Package back at the end of March, and today Lexus has announced the eye-stinging price: $70,000. You do get a lot of extras, but it's certainly not a discounted rate. Alongside the LFA package price, we also get special incentive pricing for the F Sport upgrades for the rest of the Lexus lineup.

The LFA Nurburgring Package adds some real performance to the $375,000 car through a revised front spoiler, side fin-type spoilers and a fixed rear wing, plus an almost-five-horsepower bump in output and quicker gearchanges--shaved to 150 milliseconds each. Upgraded suspension and wheels plus higher-grip tires are also added.

For the $70,000 ticket, you also get a Nurbugring jacket, one year's access to drive on the track, private parking at the 'Ring, co-pilot ride-alongs, instruction from the track's chief instructor, a night at the Lindner Congress and Motorsport Hotel, plus admission to the ring°werk leisure park.

But if $70,000 is more your idea of the total purchase price for a car than the add-on package, the F Sport lineup might be more your speed. Available as upgrades to the IS sedan and convertible and the GS350 rear-drive sedan. First up: the F Sport suspension kit, which includes lowering springs, a rear chassis brace, and a front/rear (RWD) or rear-only (AWD) anti-roll bar upgrade for $1,450. You can roll that kit into the larger F Sport kit to add F Sport-branded 19x8-inch front and 19x9-inch rear wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tires. That upgrade costs $4,495 total.

Finally, there's the mega F Sport kit, which adds all of the above F Sport upgrades plus a big brake kit. Six-piston front calipers on 14-inch cross-drilled two-piece rotors pair with four-piston rear calipers on 13.6-inch rotors. Total package price: $8,995.

Only 50 units of the LFA Nurbugring package will be offered, a total of 10 percent of the 500 LFAs to be built worldwide. The F Sport package can be had on any of the vehicles listed, and goes on sale at these prices June 1-July 31.