Audi's 2011 A1 minicar still isn't a solid bet for the U.S., but that's not stopping the German carmaker from tapping American talent to promote the car. You may recall that Justin Timberlake was picked as the brand ambassador for Audi, and now he's stepping up his role in the A1's promotion. The first two episodes advanced the plot from cryptic to comic, and now it's gone to full-on farcical. This A1 campaign is rapidly stacking up to be one of the weirdest car commercials we've ever seen.

The first episode laid the groundwork for "the next big thing," which is apparently a small car, though you might not pick up on that from the video, which features short scenes of the car--which looks to be the S-Line variant--between window-smashing shoot-em-up. The second episode expanded into a chase scene with, of all things, a Ford Crown Vic, before getting a bit campier, even borrowing a phrase from Dirty Harry. The third episode went mental, with a four-eyed gangster named Bunny, a guy-girl cage fight, and even less to do with the car.

From there, it devolves even more quickly into farce only to be revealed in the final episode as...well, we won't spoil it for you. Catch the final episode in the series below.

[Audi via YouTube]