Don’t have a spare $109,000 lying around but want to drive an electric sports car capable of keeping up with Ferraris and Porsches at the lights? Tesla’s iconic all-electric Roadster and its more extreme Roadster Sport cousin are now available for lease.

Under the scheme, lease customers will be able to take immediate delivery of a new 2010 Tesla Roadster or Roadster Sport with a three year, 30,000 mile contract and with monthly payments starting from $1,658 per month. While this may appear high, you have to remember that the running costs of the Teslas are relatively low compared to the kind of performance machines they can compete with.

In terms of fuel costs alone, the cost savings compared to a similar gasoline powered car could be as much as $131 per month based on an estimated 833 miles driven per month based on EPA fuel economy tests. At the end of the term, customers will have the option to purchase their Roadster or pay a fee and walk away.

Part of the program includes a mobile service for annual inspections and firmware upgrades, where a Tesla technician will actually come out to a customer’s house to work on the car. Customers will still need to pay $1 per roundtrip mile from the closest service center (with a minimum charge of $100) for the privilege.

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