Despite recent reports that the 2011 Audi A1 won't be sold in the U.S., a new online configurator/design contest microsite hints that it will come our way. The design contest will award the winner an A1 in the contest-winning style, and the site's built-in location bar includes the U.S. among the options, hinting that U.S. sales are in fact planned.

The contest is pitched as open to visitors that select the U.S. from among the location options, and since the prize is a custom-styled Audi A1, the implication is clear: we're getting the A1. That implication doesn't amount to a guarantee, though there has been previous talk of the A1 coming to America.

It may simply be an oversight in the construction of the page, or merely a regionalized locator for language only, but it seems unlikely that U.S.-market contestants would be allowed to enter if they weren't eligible to receive the prize. Further, there's a list of nations excluded from the competition--and the U.S. isn't on it.

We're still waiting on an official launch announcement--or denial--for the U.S., but in the mean time, you may as well try your hand at designing an A1. If yours is picked as the best, you'll win it--outfitted to look just like your design. Hit the contest at the link below.