We've been strung along for weeks now, chasing the 2011 Audi A1's tail as the premium hatch prepares for its online world debut in February. The latest segment adds a bit of excitement to the process, featuring two German soccer stars doing their best to hustle the A1 around an indoor course.

Setup much like a small autocross, the course features tight and twisty corners for the A1 to demonstrate its agility. The soccer players are plainly impressed, but take that with a grain of salt--we've all seen the sort of cars most Euro-footballers drive of their own accord. Collectively, their tastes run toward the gaudy and lumbering.

But neither that nor the heavy pixelation of the car are enough to overcome the welcome screech of tires, the quick changes of direction and the silly grins on the faces of those same Germans--the car looks like it's set to be a lot of fun. We'll have to wait until February 10 to see it in the flesh, but we can expect at least one more design preview before we get there. Until then, enjoy the video.