Earlier this week we brought you the first word on the new BMW M PowerMeter iPhone app, a tool that turns your phone into an accelerometer-based performance tool. Today, BMW brings us a look at the M Power Meter in action courtesy of the X6 M.

The X6 M is no run-of-the-mill SUV, or SAV as BMW would have it. While we're not exactly sure what it's meant to be, we know precisely what it is: fun. To see how much fun, check out our first-drive review of the 2010 BMW X6 M here.

The video itself features some fancy camera work, some Euro-pop electronic music and some shots of the X6 M in action, illustrating how the program measures the car's movements. It's a great distraction for a Friday afternoon and it might even convince you to give it a try in your car--whatever brand it might be.

[BMW via YouTube]