2012 Jaguar XF Estate preview rendering

2012 Jaguar XF Estate preview rendering

The thought of a luxury station wagon may seem a little odd here in the U.S. but over in Europe, and many other parts of the globe, they are all the rage, with automakers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and especially Audi all enjoying great success with their respective wagon models.

This is a trend Jaguar would like to pick on. While the now defunct X-Type Estate saw little success, due mostly to the lack of popularity of the sedan on which it was based, Jaguar is hoping to claw back some of the luxury wagon market with a new XF Estate.

The XF sedan has proven very popular for Jaguar that there are even considerations for a possible coupe and convertible. Not that long ago the idea of Jaguar developing so many different vehicles was unheard of but with the financial backing of new owner Tata, there’s the chance we could see the new models. This computer generated rendering gives us a preview of one the XF Estate.

As the rendering suggests the Estate would sport a conventional rear-lifting tailgate and extended roofline. Another possibility is an extended wheelbase and beefed up suspension for extra load capacity, but the extra cost of reengineering the car may rule out this option.

According to latest reports, the XF Estate is in the works and is due to go on sale in early 2012. This date coincides with a planned facelift for the XF, with changes such as a bolder grille being included and a new four-cylinder turbodiesel also set to appear in the XF line.