The current C6 Corvette platform is proving to be a popular basis for independent coachbuilders, with several firms releasing their own take on the classic sports car over the past 12 months. Corvette-based cars like the Anteros XTM, Innotech C6 and the more recent Bertone Mantide all spring to mind, and now we have the new 9 Competizione from SV Motor Company to add to that list.

Under the new sheet metal/carbon-fiber, which shares a striking resemblance to Alfa Romeo’s stunning 8C Competizione, SV has retained the basic C6 Corvette platform but has specifically tailored some of the specifications for use in its new car.

Thanks to almost full carbon-fiber bodywork, SV engineers have managed to shed 132 pounds from the Corvette’s kerb weight and give the car a perfect 50/50 front to rear weight distribution. While the powertrain has been left untouched (customers will be able to choose which Corvette model to use), SV engineers have tweaked the brakes and suspension and added Pirelli PZero Rosso ultra performance tires. Lateral acceleration is estimated to be 1.03g and braking from 60-0mph is a claimed 107 feet.

Peak power can be boosted, however, if customers select SV’s revised intake and a custom-tuned exhaust option. This includes the ANSA Automotive exhaust system developed by SV for use on the Ferrari Daytona and 599, which on the base LS3-powered Corvette boosts output from 436hp to 450hp and sees the 9 Competizione’s 0-60mph time drop to just 4.0 seconds.

The SV 9 Competizione will be limited to 1,000 units at a cost of $99,995 which includes a new, well-equipped donor C6 Corvette purchased through their dealer network. The first showing of the SV 9 Competizione is this Saturday evening in San Francisco. The car will also be on display August 14 at the Concorso Italiano in Pebble Beach.
Via: CorvetteBlogger