America's love affair with diesel is just being rekindled, but in Europe, it's already in full swing. But even now diesel isn't typically associated with high-performance. JE Design is hoping to change that perception with its new Volkswagen Scirocco 2.0 TDI.

To make its case, JE starts with boosting the 2.0L TDI engine's output from 140hp (103kW) to 180hp (133kW) and 295lb-ft (400Nm), enough to push top speed on from the stock 128mph (207km/h) to 132mph (213km/h). Not a huge improvement, but the gain in torque and power makes performance more accessible at every-day speeds. Zero-62mph (100km/h) times are cut by almost a full second to 8.4 seconds.

Tuning the slightly more potent 2.0 TDI GT trim offers an even bigger power jump: up to a maximum of 205hp (171kW) and 302lb-ft (410Nm) of torque. That's good for 0-62mph times of just 7.1 seconds - matching the Audi A3 2.0T S-line, a legitimately hot little hatch in its own right, and a petrol burner.

In addition to the performance aids, JE Design also throws in a complete body kit made of ABS plastic and CNC milled to ensure a good fit. Gullwing doors can also be had if the rest of the kit just isn't enough, starting from €1,549.

For those Europeans in the market for a diesel sportser, the price may be a bit of a sticking point once it's all added up, but it's availble piecemeal too, starting off at €1,249 for the 180hp kit, €1,449 for th 205hp kit, and another €919 for the body kit.

Throw in the €899 exhaust and €299 lowering springs, however, and the grand total coems up to about €6,300 ($8,800). That's a steep premium, and the €2,810 ($4,000) 19x8in wheels aren't even added in yet, much less the 235/35 19in tires that wrap them.

JE Design has already taken on the standard Scirocco, which you can check out here.