vermot veritas rsiii 004

vermot veritas rsiii 004

The striking Veritas RS III from German niche sports car company Vermot made its world debut this year at an exclusive supercar show held at the Hurlingham country club in the UK. Today, Vermot announced pricing for the base V-8-powered version, which starts at €342,000, or about $487,000.

The Veritas RS III is also available with a 600 horsepower V-10 taken from an M5 and a tiny 2,354-pound curb weight, but pricing for this - presumable even more expensive - version hasn't been announced yet.

The car is most notable for its eschewing of any driver aids, something that we expect will see several of these kinds of stories popping up as overconfident owners forget about the lack of ABS and traction control. Additionally, Vermot will be offering a more tame version with a 480 horsepower M3 V-8 engine if you feel the V-10 might be a little too much.

With the range-topping V-10 in place, the car will hit 60 mph from rest in just 3.2 seconds and go on to a top speed of 216 mph - if you can find a section of road long enough.


Veritas RS III Production preview