Like a fine piece of art or a perfectly cooked stake, the 2010 Nissan GT-R SpecV is one of those cars that shouldn’t be fiddled with and just accepted as one of the best examples of automotive engineering on sale today. With more than 478hp (356kW) and 430lb-ft (580Nm) on tap and a kerb weight sliding just under 1,600kg, few would deem the car lacking in the performance department.

If you are one of the lucky few to get your hands on the rare SpecV GT-R and are crazy enough to modify it, Japanese tuner Garage Saurus will soon be able to offer a full assortment of upgrades for the car.

Starting with only the basics, Garage Saurus have complied and installed a few choice upgrades from its range such as the Trust-GReddy full titanium exhaust kit, a custom high-flow intake, Blitz blow-off-valves, an uprated wastegate and a HKS ECU module. New 750cc Bosch fuel-injectors are being added to the car as you read this, along with more fine-tuning of the HKS ECU module.

The car is still in the early development stage so no performance figures have been revealed as yet, but considering past Garage Saurus GT-Rs have developed in excess of 600hp (448kW) we should be seeing some big performance gains with the firm’s modified GT-R SpecV.
Via: GTRBlog