Chevrolet is introducing a series of updates for the Corvette for the 2010 model year, with changes affecting the entire lineup from the base model all the way to the scorching ZR1 supercar. First and foremost is the introduction of the Grand Sport Model, which returns for 2010 with widebody styling and race-bred suspension and a price tag of $55,720 for the Coupe and $59,530 for the Convertible.

If it’s the standard Corvette you’re after, you will only need $49,880 for the 2010 model year Coupe and $54,530 for the Convertible – a price increase of only $365 over the 2009 model.

No major changes have been made to the cars but manual buyers now benefit from a new launch control system, which modulates engine torque to maintain optimal traction during full throttle starts. Importantly, using the launch control won’t void the Corvette’s warranty like in some other high-performance cars.

As for the rest of the updates, Chevrolet is reintroducing its Torch Red paint scheme for the Z06 and ZR1, adding side airbags as standard on all models, and offering new interior colors and embroidery options. Additionally, the ZR1 is fitted with a Performance Traction Management (PTM) feature that integrates the individual Traction Control, Active Handling, and Selective Ride Control systems.

Pricing for the 2010 Corvette Z06 and ZR1 has not yet been released but is expected shortly.