More stringent fuel economy and emissions regulations rolling in across major markets around the globe have all automakers, even ultra luxury marques, rethinking their designs and manufacturing processes in an effort to become greener. Both Bentley and Ferrari have confirmed their commitment to reducing their emissions and now Lamborghini has unveiled its new environmental strategy.

Lamborghini has set itself an internal goal of reducing the carbon-dioxide emissions of its vehicles by 35% by 2015. To do this it will focus on reducing the weight of its cars, increasing efficiency of its engines and upgrading them to run on biofuel, installing engine stop-start systems, and even looking at hybrid drivetrain solutions.

We’ve already seen the first results of Lamborghini’s new environmental strategy in the Gallardo LP 560-4, which produces 18% less CO2 than the standard Gallardo on which it’s based.

Furthermore, Lamborghini sees boosting its environmental credibility as a company-wide task and is therefore spending up to €35 million over the next five years to improve the efficiency of its entire operations. This will include the installation of new photovoltaic solar cells to reduce the CO2 emissions of factory 30% by 2010.