Sometimes more isn't a good thing, and that's often the case with aftermarket mods. Even BMW's own factory designs have come under fire for adding needless elements - the recently-released 5-series Gran Turismo being a prime example. But none of that has fazed the likes of Lumma, which has moved forward with an update to its already aggressive X6 CLR X 650 package.

The new vehicle, dubbed the CLR X 650 GT, gets many of the same design elements of the original, particularly in the materials department where carbon fiber plays a leading role. But new features, such as bi-color 23in rims, LED running lights, carbon fiber grille inserts, a re-worked front fascia and sideskirts - and of course the obligatory wing - make the GT variant its own vehicle.

Lowered ride height (by 35mm) and the big wheels give the GT a mean stance, while the fat 315 section-width tires give sports car levels of grip to the big hatch/crossover/SUV/mutant. Inside, the usual Alcantara and leather treatment pairs with yet more carbon fiber for a high-tech look.

No details have yet been released on any engine tuning that might be included, nor has the price been disclosed. Full details can be expected next week on the floor of the 2009 Geneva Motor Show.