Factory-upgraded versions of typically sedate sedans and hatchbacks have become de rigeur for most major carmakers. Mitsubishi's have been largely hit-or-miss, but the company's next trio of factory specials promise to be on target.

The much-lauded Lancer Evolution X gets FQ400 treatment, pushing output to 400hp (298kW) and taking its demeanor further into the hardcore. Unfortunately, like other FQ variants, the model isn't slated for U.S. sale. Pricing is expected to nose up against the £50,000 mark when it hits UK streets around April.

The Lancer Sportback is also due for a Ralliart variant, already confirmed for the U.S., as is the GTS version, which shares specs with the GTS sedan. The new Ralliart is expected to get Evo IX running gear, reports evo, making the car a notable upgrade over the bland last-generation Ralliart.

The foreign-market Colt small hatch has already been upgraded with a Ralliart variant, but a new TWR Walkinshaw edition is set to raise the bar even further, its 1.5L four-cylinder remaining at the same 147hp (110kW) of the Ralliart model, but an upgraded suspension and lower ride height are expected. Other details will have to wait until the official release.