Pontiac will see half of its models dropped from its current lineup in the next few years, with speculation that the brand could end up with less than three unique middles by the middle of the next decade. Susan Docherty, vice-president of Buick-Pontiac-GMC (BPG) explained that General Motors is looking to "skinny” up Pontiac’s lineup.

Currently Pontiac sells six models, however this number will reduce as less money is pumped into developing models. Instead, GM may focus on using its Australian subsidiary Holden to provide future Pontiac products, including more derivatives of the G8. Speaking with Automotive News, Docherty stated that the Pontiac G8 is a "perfect example" of a unique entry to GM's North American lineup spawning from minimal investment.

While a number of Pontiac models are expected to be dropped soon, there will still be six Pontiac models on market in 2009. Additionally, the 2010 Pontiac G3 will also be arriving on time next year, taking the place of the Torrent crossover which is being eliminated from the lineup. As expected, the G3 will have a short life cycle. Docherty explained that the G3 will be used to help Pontiac "through this period of time where fuel efficiency and affordability are the two top reasons for people who are purchasing in that segment of the market."

GM is also reportedly having second thoughts about bringing the 2010 G8 ST to market next year, with Docherty revealing that the model is currently the subject of "lots of discussions". For now, GM is reluctant to release any further information about the model, but a decision on the utility should be made within a few months.