Audi has introduced to the Chinese market a long-wheelbase version of its A4 sedan, making it the first premium brand to offer a stretched model in the upper mid-size category in the country. The new model is called the A4L and its wheelbase stretches an addition 60mm (2.36in), with most of the extra space benefiting rear-seat passengers. The car’s total length now stretches 4.76m.

For the time being, two engine versions will be available for the A4L in the Chinese market, a 2.0L TFSI with 180hp (132kW) and a 3.2L FSI V6 with 265hp (195kW).

Manufactured at a plant in Changchun, China, the new A4L made its debut yesterday in Beijing. It won’t go sale, however, until sometime in January.

In China, it’s not uncommon for even regular models like a base A4 sedan to be chauffeur driven. However, despite Audi now having a stretched A4 in its portfolio, the chances of the car being sold in other markets are slim.