Renowned German tuner Hamann has developed a number of heavily modified sports cars in the past, the most recent being the Mercedes-McLaren SLR ‘Volcano’ supercar. Lately, however, the tuner has decided to take a more subtle approach to customization, releasing a set of custom wheels designed specifically for the new BMW 7-series saloon and Maserati's handsome GranTurismo.

The BMW gets two new wheel designs from Hamann, with both a Superleggera-style multispoke set as well as a less ornamental set with five spokes available. Both sets for the 2009 BMW 7-series are decked out in a flat black color, giving the car a more menacing flavor than the stock wheels.

Hamann has also released a set of wheels for the Maserati GranTurismo, which has been fitted with the company’s 21in ‘Edition Race’ wheels. The wheels are also decked out in black but lend themselves more readily to the GranTurismo's sporty nature.

Customers can pick from several different wheel sets, with sizes ranging from 18 to 21in in diameter. The biggest set is the 21in Edition Race wheel, which measures up to 345mm in width for the rear wheels and 245mm in the front.