The Nissan GT-R has finally filtered its way into the retail channels of most global markets, with a fair number of customer cars on the streets. But just as those owners are getting familiar with their cars, Nissan appears to be working on a slightly revised and upgraded version for sale in 2009, tentatively dubbed the Series II.

While most of the changes will be minimal, consisting of a few minor cosmetic and powertrain changes, Edmunds is reporting that a high-ranking Nissan exec confirmed the updated car would lose the current version’s launch control system.

Following a number of unsubstantiated reports that the launch control system is frying the trick dual-clutch gearbox, the exec said it will be gone for the 2010 update. "We just don't want to deal with the warranty nightmare anymore. It'll make the 2009 GT-R really special. It'll be the only R35 with launch control."

With the launch control activated, some reviewers managed to get the 0-60mph acceleration time for the GT-R as low as 3.3 seconds, however without it, the times usually fall around the four second mark.

As for the rest of the changes, power is set to increase by 5hp to 478hp (356kW), the Brembo brakes will be changed to show Nissan badges, the front license plate mount will be removed, the fuel tank will increase by 0.75 gallons (2.8L) to hold 19.5 gallons (73.8L), and fuel economy figures will be readjusted, up from 19.3mpg (12.2L/100km) to 20.0mpg (11.7L/100km). A slight change in the white paint color will add the 'White Storm' title and a more metallic look to the exterior of cars that choose it. This color will also be shared with the Nissan 370Z, due to be revealed in two days at the L.A. Auto Show.

Pricing is expected to increase by nearly 10% in the Japanese market, up ¥840,000 ($8,736) for the base model and ¥892,500 ($9,282) for the Premium and Black edition models. Other features, including the pricing of the Ultimate Silver paint option will increase slightly in price, while the wheel color is expected to change and the Ivory Pearl White paint option will no longer be offered. The Black edition cars will also get a change to Dunlop tires as standard, with the Bridgestones offered on other models as an option.