We are often shocked by the rare metal that goes up for sale on eBay these days, and even more surprising are the bargain prices that the sellers sometimes ask for. This time 'round, we have a rarer-than-rare Ferrari F40 Michelotto up for sale priced at $658,000. Sadly, the car on sale is not a true F40 Michelotto, but one that has been modified to almost the exact specification of the genuine article.

There were originally seven versions that were built for international endurance racing, which enabled tuners to fit many Le Mans racing parts to the original factory F40. Modifications included new suspension wishbones, spring and damper units, larger anti-roll bars, four-pot Brembo brakes and wider one-piece OZ wheels. Power levels increased to 560 horsepower from a rise in boost pressure and the addition of a high-flow exhaust system. Visually, the car received Le Mans aero parts plus a significant drop in ride height.

Take a look at the auction over at the eBay website.


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